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08 November 2017Saints & Sinners: Women in the Dutch Golden Age
13 December 2017Picturing the Nativity: painting by numbers: 15thC artists reinterpret the scriptures The lecture will explore Italian and Flemish paintings on the subject. The result is touching
17 January 2018Peasant pastimes? The Art of Pieter Brueghel the Elder This lecture will show that there is more to Brueghel than peasant paintings making merry
14 February 2018Not just log cabins - historic arcitecture of the American West For sheer variety this lecture is hard to beat. From cliff dwellings to Frank Lloyd Wright's School
14 March 2018Leipzig: architecture, art and music - J.S. Bach, Mendelssohn and the Gewandhaus
11 April 2018Bernard Leach and his influence on the 20thC studio ceramics He was trained to be a potter in Japan and with a deep desire to bring East and West together
31 May 2018Art: a Detective Story - decoding meanings in paintings Learn more about technique, colour, space, light and shade, composition, symbolism....

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Saints & Sinners: Women in the Dutch Golden Age Wednesday 08 November 2017

This lecture will concentrate on some depictions of women in the Golden Age of The Netherlands.  The lecturer will talk about the art, the artists, and how and why they painted, as well as giving a glimpse of the history and roles that women played.